“Your input is hugely valued by us. The conversations that you can gently engage in with our young people in groupwork have both challenged their assumptions and negative attitudes about professionals and helped them to be willing to try engaging in individual mental health work”.  – 2016, buy generic modafinil online uk Dean and Cauvin Trust groupwork co-ordinator

We have really appreciated being able to bring cases of young people to discuss and unpack dynamics with families and professionals as well as work out practical plans to ensure best practice and access available services. 2016, http://solidkitchens.com.au/galleries/?_escaped_fragment_=lightbox[62]/2/ Project Worker, Barnardos 16+ service.

“Thanks for your presentation to MHO students again yesterday. Student evaluations rated your input very highly and Lecturers enjoyed your session too. It was the end of an exhausting day for everyone, thanks for providing such an interactive and informative session”. 2016, index MHO Course Co-ordinator

“Your input (to the Newly Qualified SW programme) was evaluated highly by all participants. Feedback was both verbal and contained in the overall written feedback of the 6 week course. The general consensus was that you pitched it at the right level for all in attendance. Out of the whole 6 day course your input was rated one of the most helpful with regards to usefulness in day to day practice. At least 3 participants commended the fact that you had been a social worker and the group could relate to your case examples. In my opinion your input in this subject not only fills a vast gap in knowledge but also will lead to preventative and more informed practice for our future Social Workers in the area of Mental Health”. – 2016, Practice Learning Development Officer, Local Authority

The vast majority of participants caring for complex young people who had left care and then needed to return to a supported placement had not had any MH training and scored this (bespoke evening training session) and the reflective practice sessions as very useful to their role. 2016 Barnardo’s Supported Carer Service Co-ordinator

Feedback fromdelivery of a series of NHS Scotland Scottish Mental health First Aid: Young People, Suicide Prevention Training with a Local Authority in 2015/2016;

All participants agreed that they could better:
•    understand MH and adolescent development
•    respond to distress with appropriate skills
•    guide young people to appropriate help

The vast majority strongly agreed that the training had:
•    improved assessment and initial intervention skills with suicide
•    been highly relevant to practice
•    offered a mix of learning styles and reflected diversity
•    been facilitated by knowledgeable presenters
•    included well facilitated group work

“I would recommend this course to other professionals.”
“Excellent, Informative and though provoking, will apply learning to my practice.”
“It has given me skills to feel more confident about talking to young people about suicide.”
“The course encouraged reflection, validated what I already thought and I learned new things.”“The course has been very informative and engaging supporting continued development of my skills working with young people in an effective way in relation to mental welfare.”
“The course has given me a better understanding of initial response particularly in crisis.”
“Enjoyable and Informative. I feel I can better respond to young people and increased knowledge of other relevant resources /professionals.”